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There’s no denying that even in less chaotic times, the lure of online shopping remains strong. Purely from the standpoint of saving on time and effort, it's brilliant, but what it rewards in consumer amenity, it can lack in x-factor. You know, the feeling that someone, an actual human person, is really invested in assisting you, someone who gets to know who you are and what you like.
Have you ever wondered what a marriage of online convenience and personalized shopping would look like - a one-stop shop full of amazing locally made or sourced brands (with a sprinkling of Australian made ones too), that aren’t available from a super-store or mega-corporation?
The result of all that wondering is Gathered - a collection of high quality products, gathered with consideration and made with love.
By supporting independent businesses you’re making innovation possible.” - The Chun (Founder Uprise Art)
Working with a hand picked selection of talented local traders and artisans, our diverse array of boutique items are designed to make your gift-giving experience as personal and memorable as possible.
We’ve included brands we genuinely know, love, and in many cases, regularly use ourselves, showcasing independent suppliers who reflect our focus on the environment, sustainability, and a commitment to promoting low or non-toxic products. 
From our collection of exquisitely curated Gathered gift boxes, to customizing your own bespoke box, we offer the perfect gift for any occasion.
“ Valuing, celebrating and curating unique expressions of creative design lies at the very heart of who I am”. - Tara Lawson
My name is Tara Lawson and I’m the Founder and Director of Gathered. An artist since I could hold a pencil, I’ve drawn, molded, honed, sewn, crafted, hammered and welded my way through a multitude of art mediums in my life.
From fashion to music, I’ve also worked across the spectrum of design, manufacturing and marketing, and currently operate ISHI, a jewelry studio producing limited release and sustainably produced handcrafted jewelry.
Born and raised in Australia I met and married and American, moving to Spokane, Washington in 2017. As a true trans-pacific citizen, my appreciation for both countries is steeped in a love of the natural world, and a vow to tread a light environmental path wherever I can.